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Christmas Leftover Fried Rice

This is a recipe I first made at the start of December but it is so perfect for Christmas leftovers that I wanted to leave posting it till now.

Christmas Leftover Fried Rice

Using leftover turkey (or maybe even ham), rice, a couple of eggs and some Chinese 5 spices you can whip up a very quick taste Christmassy dinner.

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Salmon 5-spice Stir-fry

I am jumping from one extreme to the other on this blog recently, from slow cooking to super-fast cooking. I love cooking and baking, but my love for it is somewhat diminished on a Tuesday evening after a long day at work.

Salmon fillet with 5-spice and Stir-fry vegetables

This is when I like things super-fast, I always have stir-fry vegetables in my fridge for those nights when the temptation will be so strong that you might just phone a takeaway instead. The funny thing is that preparing a stir-fry often means dinner will be on the table much faster than waiting for the delivery guy!

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