If you use Pinterest then you may have seen this image before. For a while it was everywhere.

I’m not exactly a skilled knitter, and I also don’t really have the patience to do long simple patterns – I need to feel like I am pushing myself. After looking at the notes on the project on Ravelry for Boot Candy Boot Toppers, this looked like the perfect pattern for me. It is quick to knit up, knitted in the round (new to me) and with cables.

Knitted Boot Toppers

It took a couple of false starts to really get into this pattern, which is probably to be expected when you haven’t knitted anything in a year and are using techniques you have never tried before. I used the set of Knit Pro Circular Needles I got last year, although I did need a slightly wider pair of Knitting Needle Tips (8mm).

To be honest it was a mess the first couple of times I tried it. First there were the horrendous gaps from using circular needles and the difficultly of knitting something with such a small diameter (thankfully kind people on the internet directed me to the magic loop method). Then I got through 8 rows of ribbed stitch to find that I had missed counted by 2 on the initial cast on and had to start all over again.

However, I got there in the end and I am insanely proud of these boot toppers (even if they aren’t exactly equal in length) because I persevered!

Boot Toppers in the leaves

You can see all the details on my Ravelry Project Page.