While Matt and I don’t normally do Burns’ night, I saw Vegetarian Haggis on special in the supermarket and thought – why not?!

Vegetarian Haggis with turnip and potato mash and carrots

Why did I go Vegetarian? Well firstly because the ingredients list for meat haggis makes me queasy, secondly because I promised myself at New Year to eat more vegetarian meals and lastly because it something different for us. I’m trying to make at least one new meal a week in order to expand my normal rotation.


I made this about as simple as I could.

I boiled the haggis for 45 minutes in water under a low heat. I mashed one large potato (tiny bit of butter and mustard). I sliced up a carrot and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. I microwaved a tub of turnip mash.

Dinner – DONE.