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Country Ham Salad Recipe

The husband and I have been doing a fair amount of traveling recently Amsterdam, Dublin, London and most recently a week long holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes. While discovering a new city or relaxing on a beach somewhere ranks pretty highly on my favourite things to do, airport travel, funnily enough, does not.

However I have to grudgingly admit the airport food is getting a little bit better. Gone are the days when a flight from Glasgow meant the choice of Burger King or a slightly dried up sandwich. In Edinburgh I actually enjoy going to Eat before a flight, as they do light and tasty meals.

Ham Country Salad

I have been wanting to recreate their Ham & Potato Summer Salad for a while, it’s pretty simple and it’s a salad that can be great for dinner not just lunch 🙂

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Pea and Bacon Risotto

Pea and Bacon Risotto

I have been thinking about making a pea risotto for a while, bright white rice studded with vivid green peas. As you can see however it didn’t quite work out as I intended…

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