The number of times I have made really bad beef stir fry has meant that now I have actually made a really good one I feel the need to post the recipe! However this time I did it a bit differently, and it was worth it.

  1. The first thing I did differently was to buy a great cut of meat, a fillet steak. While you might think it a waste to stir-fry a fillet steak, this was by far the best change I made. Admittedly if I had been deep frying the beef in the stir-fry it would have been a crime, but by keeping it healthy (or at least healthier, it didn’t compromise the taste).
  2. I marinaded the Beef for 8 hours. This meant that it was succulent and melt in the mouth.
  3. I tend to overcook everything, and I made sure this time that the beef was cut really thinly so that it would cook quickly in the heat, this way it didn’t dry out and become tough.

From now on I think I’ll try to stick to these rules as much as possible, although maybe I’ll try downgrading the cut of beef, the fillet was perfect but really can only afford it for special occasions.


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