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Growing Your Own Food

Last summer there was a spate of food blog posts about eating food you had grown. The beautiful photos of produce and salads made with home grown vegetables, hit something that I never knew I had. The urge to grow things, to eat local produce, to get back to nature. I was shocked at my reaction a little bit, and more than a little jealous of those who could. The best I could hope for was my occasional attempts at a windowsill garden.

My basil, tomato and strawberry seeds

Of course the problem is, by the time you see the photos and read the posts, it’s too late. It’s unlike almost anything else in the food blog world – you can’t just go and make it yourself tomorrow. (I guess the closest thing is Mincemeat the week before Christmas). Growing food doesn’t happen overnight and if you want to have your own tomatoes during the summer you need to think about planting them in March or April.

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Understand Your Audience – Improve Your Food Blog

For 34% of you this post will of be no use. For 15% of you the information might be interesting but for the rest of you (all 51%) I hope this will be an informational and useful post. Please let me know in the comments what you think!

Oh yes, this post is going to be a little different. Today I am bringing out the stats and the graphs, after months of procrastination I am going to publish the first results of the Food Blog Questionnaire.

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Cranachan Ice Cream

Cranachan Ice Cream

Burns Night is one of the most popular Scottish events of the year, celebrated all over the world, for our great poet – Robert Burns. For years I have wanted to do a traditional Burns Supper, but never got up the courage.

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How do you use food blogs?

I have for some time been thinking about how to give something back to the community I get so much from. The food blogging community is full of helpful people who have helped me any number of ways from being at the end of a google search with tips on how to make macarons, to the people who responded to my Twitter request about how to set up the CoffeeMuffins facebook page.

Sure I give the odd bit of twitter advice, but how do I give back to the community?

Well I could give away a free recipe book… but more on that later!

Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

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Social Media is Social

Why do you use social media?

If your answer is anything other than to be “sociable” you may be doing it wrong. Trying to sell products or increase traffic to your blog are not the only reasons to be on Twitter or Facebook.

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