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British Apple Pie

This weekend I bought a pie dish with a fluted edge. I wanted my first homemade apple pie to be just a little bit special.

Apple Pie

In fact there were a lot of things I wanted from this pie. I wanted it to be the perfect end to my Sunday lunch. I wanted it to be perfectly warm after a cold walk out in park. I wanted it to be just like my Gran’s Apple Pie. As much as I love cinnamon I didn’t want this to be an American Apple Pie and I wanted this to be different from the pies you get in the supermarket.

Oh dear I was expecting a lot from this pie.

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Salmon Kedgeree

Now please don’t take away my food blogging license – but I am going to tell you a secret. Until Friday I had never boiled an egg.

Salmon Kedgeree

I’ve fried eggs, poached them, scrambled them, made omelettes and frittatas but I’ve never hard or soft boiled an egg.

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Sausage Casserole over Polenta

Meals aren’t always invented by choosing the ingredients that go best together, often meals come together from necessity. From whats left over, from whats kicking around at the back of the freezer, from snatches of other meals prepared or sampled.

Sausage Casserole with Chard and Polenta

That is what this is: sausages from the freezer, chard from my veggie box and polenta, well because I have seen so many amazing looking polenta dishes recently (and to be honest a complete dearth of rice or potatoes).

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Spiced Apple Sauce

Mmmm smells like Fall.


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