• Awesome! I can’t wait to try this. I like the fact that you aren’t adding any more fat to the dish either. Looks delicious.

  • My mom does the same thing with the steak, she says she likes how juicy they come out. I still have yet to try it.

    • Janice, you really should try it! It’s different but so good, really worth a go.

      Kristi, I love that fact too, it’s much better than frying the steak in that regard.

  • I can imagine those mushrooms add such wonderful depth of flavor to the steak! Yum!

  • Interesting method — I like how tender the steaks are. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Dawn, the steaks were very tender. You could cut them with a fork!

  • Suboohi

    This was absolutely delicious. My husband actually said “best steak I ever had!” …made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you!

    • You are welcome Suboohi, glad your husband liked it, and that it made you happy!!

  • Used striploin steak from Costco; my son says they look like a small roast. Used Weber Chigaco steak spice both sides. Painted canola oil on both sides. Used cast iron grill pan on electric burner on high. Did 1 minute then turned 90 degrees to get the cross hatch effect then turned over and repeated. Then I followed recipe with onion, mushrooms, dijon and worcestershire sauce. No water used a bit more worch. Served with heated up onion rings (not home-made) and a baked potato. Excellent and thanks for the idea. Usually grill outside but was cold and I wanted to stay warm. Hope I am not kicked out of the club! Ha ha.

    A grill pan has raised edges about every inch and is not good for much else but they are around $30.00 for a good one and you will use it if you are in a cold climate!

  • Mom of 6

    Uhmmm……I was in such a hurry I didn’t pan fry first…..I let you know how it works….

    • I think in this case the pan fry is just to brown it, and perhaps to give it a tad more flavour. However I am sure this will not make to much difference, it should still be great!

  • Mike

    Followed your instructions to the letter but unfortunatley the steaks turned out tougher than a pair of flip flops. Must have went wrong somewhere but can’t see where.

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry the recipe didn’t work out for you. What cut of beef did you use? I used Sirloin for this, and it should come out fork tender. This unfortunately isn’t the best method for cheaper cuts.

      I guess it also depends on the amount of liquid you add or evaporates during cooking. I don’t add a lot of water but I made sure my packets were really tightly closed. If the steaks get too dry then they will get hard rather than tender.

      I hope this helps!


  • Marree

    Hi, Just wondering if this will work for round steak? Thanks.

    • Hi Marree, I am not sure that would work – I haven’t tried though, but I think it might end up quite tough.

      I would tend to do something more like braised beef with melting onions with this particular cut. A long slow cook with lots of liquid is probably your best bet.

      Hope this helps,


  • Marree


    I just tried this method with a peri peri portugese BBQ marinade and it turned out great. Cooked it for 2 hrs on 130 degrees. I have not eaten steak (unless in a casserole and extreamly tender) since I was in year 8 and 13 years old. I am now 24 and I will definatly be making it a regular dish. I searched everywhere for the perfect way to oven cook steak and this is it. So THANKYOU :). Made me and my partner very happy.


  • Terry

    Hi Lauren,

    Tried your recipe tonight with rump steak and have to say it was tender and delicious.
    Loved the infused flavour of the onion, mushroom, mustard and Worcester sauce. It was subtle yet so enriching to the taste of the dish. We sprinkled the juices from the steak parcel foil over our presentation and it added the perfect final touch.
    Enjoyable eating can be so simple yet so good.
    Keep the recipes coming, Lauren, much appreciated.


    • Hi Terry, glad you liked it 🙂


  • allburningup

    I will be cooking steak for someone who considers it unsafe to eat beef that isn’t well-done. Is this a good recipe to use?

    • Allburningup – this is a great recipe to use. The beef is cooked through (no tinge of pinkness) but is tender as a less well done piece of meat.

  • aim

    this looks delicious. i love a little heat in my taste….can one add paprika and some green pepper chunks or slices?

    • Aim – sure you can, that sounds delicious!


  • I use this with T-bones or porterhouse. We BBQ the filet side (bone attached) and use other side in oven as it is tougher; but not cooked this way. Thanks. Storm Sandy had me lookin’ for something inside.