For the second year in a row I have made a beef pot roast for New Years Day Dinner. I like that it’s simple when realistically you are going to wake up late, and most likely a little bit worse for wear.

Red Wine Beef Pot Roast with Red Onion Marmalade

This morning when I eventually woke up, I went straight into making it.

First pre-heating the oven to 140oC, then browning off the beef in a cast iron casserole dish, add around 400ml of wine, some thyme and bay leaves. Once thats all bubbling away and the oven is pre-heated, pop the dish in the oven set the timer for 3 hours, and relax. (For more details on the recipe I used Delia Smiths’ Red Wine Pot Roast with Red Onion Marmalade.)

Really what could be more simple than that?

Following Delia’s recipe I also made a Red Onion Marmalade, which was a great addition, although not as jammy as I was expecting. It was just as well I made it as the sauce from the pot I found very overpowering. Really it was just reduced Red Wine and even after adding some tomato puree and sugar to tone it down a little it was still strong. I was glad I tasted it before drenching the beef in it.

I also served it with carrots, brussels sprouts and green beans. It would also be great with roast potatoes or mash.

What did you make for your New Years Day meal?