• http://noe847.blogspot.com Nancy (n.o.e.)

    I’m so glad you posted this right now. I bought salmon for dinner and was going to make pesto anyway to use up some basil, so now I know how I’ll prepare my salmon! My girls both love gnocchi. My younger daughter has even made it from scratch – maybe your next challenge?

    • http://www.coffeemuffins.com Lauren

      Wow that was a fast response Nancy! I think gnocchi from scratch would be a great challenge, although I am worried that my attempt will turn out a disaster! But if it doesn’t turn out it’ll still make for a funny post anyway :)

  • http://lululuathome.com lululu

    when i’ve started to miss basil pesto which i can only make it in summer, u r telling me i can in fact have broccoli pesto. such a perfect idea!

  • http://www.coffeemuffins.com Lauren

    Broccoli Pesto is different but definitely worth trying. I make it every so often to use up the broccoli I have lying about in the bottom of the fridge :)