It’s not every day you get a huge box through the mail for free. When it is shaped like a huge (bright red) treasure chest and filled to the brim with goodies it’s even better.

Little Chef Loose Leaf Tea

It contained flapjacks (yum), loose leaf tea and a wonderful little tea pot perfect for such a tea. (Not to mention all the other accoutrements: cup, saucer, sugar bowl, sugar cubes, teaspoon and sugar tongs.)

I was lucky enough to have this package sent to me by Little Chef, the UK’s roadside restaurant chain, to highlight their selection of good quality teas.

The English Breakfast Tea I received was fantastic. However I did have to experiment with how long to steep the tea before drinking. I found it too strong after 5 minutes (but my tea palate isn’t particularly good yet) but it was perfect for me after 3 and a half minutes.

I’ve never really made loose leaf tea before but I feel like I have been missing out – it’s such a wonderful experience. I love the ceremony of it all and, for some strange reason, the waiting, it makes the process so much more relaxing.

It’s less like just another cuppa and more special occasion, even if it is 8pm on the M1.

If you think you will be popping into a Little Chef soon you should try picking up a trEAT card which entitles you to free refills.