Do you eat your own dog food?

Don’t worry, I am not about to suggest that cracking open a tin of dog food is in any way going to help you help you find an audience and keep them.

Lord Baxington

However in the software industry the term “eating your own dogfood” may well have just that effect.

Eating your own dog food, in software is all about using your own products. It allows you to spot which bits are difficult to use, which bits need work and which are just downright useless…

However when it comes to food blogs there are many ways eating your own could be useful.

The most obvious being, how often do you follow your own recipes?

Writing recipes can be difficult, it’s so easy to forget to use an ingredient you have listed, or to forget one entirely. Often I don’t find these problems myself until I try to use my own recipes again.

Of course in a perfect world you make every recipe three times before you published, making notes and improving each time, but to be honest few of us have time for this – and even then during the writing process it is all too easy to make mistakes.

However the very least you can do is next time you make that meal, follow your recipe word for word. You might be surprised at what you discover!

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