• Hi Lauren, I’ve filled it in and tweeted ^_^ Great idea, well done!

  • Sasa – Thanks for the tweet and comment!

  • I really need to get this blogging thing down! So much to know! 🙂

    • Well hopefully we will get lots of people to respond to questionnaires, and then we can all know what works!

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  • Hi there! Saw your post on Cook Eat Share and have filled out your questionnaire. What a great idea, thanks for taking the time to set this up!

    • Diva on a diet – Thanks for filling it in! Much appreciated.

  • Great idea! I’m interested in seeing the results, thanks for creating the survey and offering a prize. I filled in the survey and tweeted about it. Good luck!

    • cook in a bar! Thanks!

  • I tweeted 🙂 Thanks for the extra chance!

    • Thanks Stephanie and Jenny for both filling out the questionnaire and tweeting!

  • Tweeted and filled out the survey!

  • Aik

    I filled out the survey!

    • Thanks Aik. Appreciated!

  • Hey Lauren, I’ve done the questionnaire too and tweeted! What a great idea, looking forward to seeing the results it throws up.

    Hungry Jenny x

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for responding and tweeting!