• Oh they look divine and toasted with morello cherry jam, well yum. I haven’t heard of stevia so I will have a wee read.

  • You definitely can’t go wrong with Morello Cherry Jam, will need to ask my Mum where she got it! (Was part of a Christmas Hamper she made up for me).

  • Lovely photos. What does covering the dough during proofing with a dampened cloth do over an undampened cloth?

    I am from the States, I can assure you that stevia is legally available here. The Wikipedia page is confusing, but it’s been available since 1995 as a “dietary supplement” and since December 2008 as a food additive. The 2008 rule change brought a bunch of pure stevia and stevia-based sweeteners to grocery store shelves, including Truvia, Sweetleaf, PureVia, and Stevita. A major brand of orange juice even had a version sweetened with stevia extract a couple years ago; I think that was to take advantage of a brief stevia fad, as I haven’t seen that variety since.

    • Hi Jeremy, sorry you’re right, I think the Stevia thing is rather a little complicated in the States, but I am glad that you guys can get it!

  • haha love the cloth you used! =) These look GORGEOUS! and I love the healthy ingredients =)

  • Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes

    Oh my word, these look amazing!! Love any kind of sweet bun. And love the healthier ingredients! What’s light at heart stevia? Sounds interesting!!

    • Annie – Light at Heart, is a stevia based sugar now available in the UK (and possibly the rest of Europe). Stevia is a plant based extract, so more natural than some of the other low calorie sweeteners out there. I have used it quite a bit, and to be honest you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference – but you only use half the quantity!

      Soni – these are pretty simple to make, so you don’t need to wait for a trip to the UK! If you do try them let me know how you get on 🙂

      Jeremy – Sorry I missed the first part of your question last time around. To be honest I am not quite sure what the dampened cloth does, although when I looked it up, it seems to be to stop the crust drying out…

      Jenn – I love the cloth too, so perfect if you are stressed about bread baking!

  • They look so lovely! I especially like that you used coconut oil and coconut milk! 🙂

  • I just love Hot cross buns and can’t get enough of them whenever I’m in the UK!Really miss them here in America!Thanks for your recipe, will be giving it a try.Also like the fact that these are healthier as well :)Thanks!

  • We’ve been stevia fans for a while. And now we’re fans of those incredible-looking buns, especially that lead shot. Loving that dish towel, too. Brilliant!

  • Haha, I love that you’re randomly making hot cross buns this time of year! Easter is not that far away anyway, they already have the choccie eggs out in the supermarkets don’t they 😉

    I just used wholewheat flour for the first time in baking the other day, and like your recipe – I’ve always wanted to try coconut oil but haven’t come across it (though I haven’t really made a conscious effort to hunt it down yet!). I’ve always been quite sceptical about sugar subs but like the sound of Stevia as it’s all natural so might have to give that a go too.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hungry Jenny x

    • I have never seen Coconut Oil in the shops, but I did find it on Amazon, it’s not cheap, but I only use a bit at a time and it’s very versatile.

      Coconoil – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 460g

      I would definitely check out the Stevia products, again they are a little bit more expensive but you only use half quantities!

      Lauren x