• These sound and look lovely – I loved jam sandwich biscuits when I was a child but the icing on top of these make them even more of a treat!

  • The images of the biscuits look wonderful. And they look delicious! mmmm

  • Ooh, these sound lovely! I’ve never heard of Empire biscuits before but am a big fan of linzer biccies, mm.

    You found the large ones tough to finish? How big were they?!

    Hungry Jenny x
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  • @ Hungry Jenny, if you like linzer biscuits then these should be totally your sort of thing! The biggest ones were maybe 3” wide – so pretty big for a sandwich cookie – but I guess if you were hungry… 😉
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    Empire Biscuits ARE Linzer biscuits. The name was changed during the war as it sound too German.

    • Hi Claire, while you are technically accurate, I believe that since 1914 the direction of the two biscuits have diverged, they are no longer the same thing.

      Linzer biscuits are defined as two biscuits sandwich with jam, they often have a cut out in the top level. However in the UK Empire biscuits are most often covered with icing, with no cut out. In coffee shops you could order an Empire biscuit or a Linzer biscuit but you would not receive the same biscuit. That is all I was trying to convey.

      However thanks for your input 🙂

      Lauren x

  • thanks really helpful because me and my sister are going to make them today as a surprise for are mum and dad while they are at work thankyou x

  • bonnie

    Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe- my best friend’s dad is from Scotland and used to love the Empire Cakes (as we called them) from the local Scottish fair. They stopped having that years ago and I’ve wanted to find a recipe to make them for him. And okay I loved them too. Thank you!

  • Sadie

    Hi, these sound just like Mrs.Fishers empire biscuits. She has a secret recipe, I will find out if these are like hers. The icing looks rather sweet, oh and also the ones I’ve had had sprinkles so its entirely fine if you wish to change the topping. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  • Robyn

    I just made these and they are really lovely. I doubled the recipe as i needed a large amount and got 22 biscuits (44 single biscuits) but I found that the amount of icing on this recipe was enough to do the full 22 biscuits so my recommendation would be to half the quantity of icing sugar if you are sticking to this recipe and making 11 or 12 biscuits otherwise you could end up with a lot of wasted icing sugar. I used half cherries on top as I had them in the cupboard to use up.

  • They look delicious!