I am a coffee drinker. It is almost a defining characteristic. There is nothing better than the smell of coffee as you start to wake up, unless of course you count the first sip and you know the caffeine will soon hit your bloodstream.

However I have become to realise that my relationship with coffee is a drug dependancy. Not by any means the worst I could have, but lets face it, we could all do with being a little healthier. I could do without the headaches when I forget to have a cup or worse the strange jittery feeling when you have had too much. As part of a new healthier eating plan, of which I am sure you will hear about in time, I decided to ditch the dependancy.

Cold turkey.

It has not been easy, there is something comforting about having your hands wrapped around a warm cup. Something about the habit is hard to break – having a mug in hand feels relaxing, I guess it’s the same idea as those fake plastic cigarettes. At first I filled a mug with water, but a cold mug just isn’t the same.

So I have been drinking lots of different teas. Which is a big step for me, not drinking tea is almost as big a deal as being a coffee-lover. Like cats or dogs, I am not sure you can be both a Coffee and a Tea person.

But while still a coffee person at heart I have begun to see the benefits of teas, for one there is a lot more variety.

There is something so cleansing about drinking a green tea. It does have that “good for you” taste that I am not overly fond of but on the plus side it does give that smug I’ve-been-healthy feeling.

I am however completely in love with Mint Tea, it’s so drinkable and smells so good. It makes me ridiculously happy.

Lastly you can’t beat a good cup of Lemon and Ginger tea to perk you up, especially when you have the dreaded cold. You can buy the pre-made teabags or if you are feeling especially virtuous you could make your own lemon and ginger tea from scratch.

Are you a coffee or tea person? Any fruit / herbal teas you love? Or just plain think I am crazy for ditching coffee (even if only temporarily)? Tell me about it – I love your comments 🙂