This week I needed to mix up my weekday lunches. Instead of relying on Tuna or Chicken to bulk out my salad, I tried adding more veggies and a little feta cheese.

This Courgette (or Zucchini, if you prefer) and Mushroom quinoa salad is quick to make, and is great as both a cold or warm salad – which is useful when the weather jumps between snow and warm spring days regularly. Although I loved both, it was particularly great when warm as the feta cheese melts.

Courgette and Mushroom Quinoa Salad

This will become part of my regular rotation of packed lunches; it’s much cheaper and healthier to have a couple of vegetarian days.

It’s also super simple…

1/2 a courgette diced, 5 button mushrooms halved and 1/3 cup of quinoa, make the base of this salad. For flavour I added around 20 grams of Feta cheese and a tablespoon of pine nuts, although one day I also added 2 thinly sliced dried apricots which made a nice change.

I cooked the courgette and mushrooms for 3 minutes in a covered microwaveable bowl, leaving them to steam for a further minute. Mix the remaining ingredients together.

Next week I am going to try something a little bit different to mix up my salads… maybe I will even try some without quinoa. 😉