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  • This recipe is one that I will make soon. I like big muffins so I’ll use only 10 of the 12 molds when I bake them. They will be the perfect “Coffee Mate” for a cup of fine Boquete coffee. Thanks!

  • thanks for that

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  • sarah

    Mmmm gonna make these tonight, will let you know how they turn out, thanks

  • sarah

    I just make these. They turned out great, but mixture was extremely dry so I had to add about 40ml extra of milk. Are you sure you wrote down the right amount? Or is it just a very dry batter? Thanks again!

  • Hi Sarah, thanks for getting in touch. That is in fact the amount of milk I used, however all flours are a bit different so you might need a bit more in some cases. Also did you use a large egg?

    In general muffin batter will be a bit stiffer than say cupcake batter, so it may be drier than you are used to.

    How did the muffins turn out with the added milk? I’d love to know 🙂


  • sarah

    Well they didn’t last long, I only got one 🙁 Next time I’ll add a little more coffee (I like mine strong)
    I did use a large egg, but I understand what you are saying that all flours are different.

    They really were lovely, thankyou so very much!

  • Laura G

    do you think any oil would improve the dryness?

    • Laura G – if you feel the mixture is too dry try adding some more milk to the mixture. It usually works well.

  • vanessa CB

    Just made these and they turned out great! They’re really light and fluffy 😀 YUMMY!