Chocolate Easter Egg, with bow and chicks

Chocolate Easter Egg, with bow and chicks

I made my own Chocolate Easter Eggs, and I think I got a little too excited about taking the photos! To make them yourself is really easy, and this way you can use great quality chocolate instead of the rubbish they usual make store bought Easter Eggs with. (I used a mixture of fairtrade milk chocolate, and lindt milk chocolate).

I bought my easter egg moulds from Lakeland Plastics. [Update: These now seem to be discontinued however this Easter Egg Moulds – Mini & Large Eggs looks pretty similar.]

To make your own Easter Eggs – you will need:

  • 370 grams of chocolate – white, milk or plain. This amount may vary with your moulds, so check their packaging.
  • 1 set of chocolate egg moulds (mine made two whole eggs)
  • 1 double boiler (or a pan with boiling water with a glass bowl on top)
  • 1 pastry brush.

Melt the chocolate, I melted mine in a hastily constructed double boiler.

Chocolate melting in a double boiler

You then take your mould and using a pastry brush paint on a layer of melted chocolate.

Melted chocolate on pastry brush

Painting chocolate on Easter Egg mould

This is best done if your chocolate has melted and started to cool a little – so it doesn’t run too much. You need to evenly coat the entire mould. Be careful with the edges, as getting your eggs to glue together will be difficult if they are messy.

Once you have coated each of your moulds once, place them in the fridge for 15 minutes. I found the best way to time adding the layers was waiting for the ad breaks in Glee! The ad break being just long enough that I could coat all four moulds and pop them back in the fridge.

After the last of four coats I left them in the fridge over night.

Getting them out of the moulds was slow as I was worried about breaking them. However it’s actually easier the faster you do it, the warmer they get the easier they are to bend. Basically I just loosened the edges with a knife, then pushed them through!

You can chose to fill your easter eggs with other sweet things, so they will be just like the store bought “surprises”. Perfect for children or those with a really sweet tooth!

To glue them together use some melted chocolate that has started to cool. Make sure it isn’t too hot other wise it will start to melt your eggs instead of gluing them together. Paste a little chocolate on to the edge of one half and secure another on top. Put each egg back in the fridge to harden.

And there you have it wonderful chocolate Easter Eggs, that everyone will love!

Chocolate Easter Egg, with bow and chicks

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