Today is my birthday! I’ve had some great presents and some lovely messages from friends and family. However my birthday treat to myself was to bake a cake, well that and the two pairs of boots I’ve bought today 🙂

Over the past year I have seen so many beautiful cake recipes, that I new I wanted to try something a bit different. My inspirations was almost entirely from Alejandra @ Always Order Dessert‘s amazingly vivid Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake with a little of Deeba @ Passionate About Baking‘s Lavender Mascarpone Cake thrown in.

Birthday Cake

I wanted to make something colourful, pretty and almondy, which makes the rainbow cookie cake perfect, as it has lots of marzipan incorporated into the batter.

Unfortunately my plan for a vibrantly coloured cake with pink, purple and blue layers with white chocolate ganache went wrong somewhere along the way.

Don’t get me wrong the cake was delicious, really good, but it’s just may layers had more of a bluish tinge than the vibrancy that Alejandra’s had. I believe that this is probably not a good thing for a cake to have, it looked a tad on the mouldy side. It doesn’t look inviting. Thankfully the people I served it to didn’t seem to mind!

Me cutting a cake

Maybe next year I’ll perfect my birthday cake!